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Gay Fuck Auto

Grand Theft Auto is a small game that you may have heard of. You do? Then you've undoubtedly also heard of Grand Fuck Auto, its great pornographic counterpart. Today, though, we're here to discuss an even better game in the same vein: Gay Fuck Auto. Yes, Grand Fuck Auto is an excellent sex game, but its gay audience may not find it to be all that well-served. Discover the world of vehicle theft and banging whores with a gay twist by checking out its gay cousin! Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about this game. We'll cover gameplay, aesthetics, and our honest assessment of the title.


  • Open-world style game
  • Lots of different men to fuck
  • Different aspects to the gameplay
  • Free to play online
  • Stunning graphics


  • Some very hardcore sex scenes

Gay Fuck Auto: what's it all about?

You will therefore have a general sense of what to expect when you launch this porn game if you are already familiar with the source material to some extent. It is a fully 3D gay porn simulator with vehicles and quests thrown in. The objective of the game is to amass as much cash as you can by creating your own harem of hot gay men to lend to rich gay men. A large portion of the game includes testing the abilities of the boys in your harem, which entails engaging in a lot of sex! Consider yourself capable? Sign up to access Gay Fuck Auto for free online and enjoy this amazing game!


You must register before you can begin using GFA. Create an account through the web portal to customize your character's appearance and vehicle. If you want the guys you meet to trust you, try to develop the kind of physical appeal that is both seductive and trustworthy. To build someone that genuinely satisfies your needs, you can customize their skin tone, haircut, tattoos, piercings, and a ton of other features. All you have to do is launch the game in your browser after creating your account. You start the game running around Los Angeles nude and by yourself. You'll be forced to rely on stealing cash, vehicles, and even your own body!

You can begin expanding your harem after you start to earn some money to boost your income. Gay sex is a big aspect of the gameplay; in these sex scenes, you can choose numerous positions and things to do with your lover in order to completely satisfy him. He won't be reluctant to share his preferences with you, so don't worry! When you have a few hot guys available, you can start renting them out to rich homosexual men to start making money. The more desirable you get and the more men will want to sleep with you, the more money you make!

Graphics - Gay Fuck Auto

At the very least, you've undoubtedly likely seen some gameplay from the GTA series. All of the characters in the game are created to look seductive and alluring while being extremely realistic. In the same way, gay men you'll come across in Gay Fuck Auto are extremely sexy and horny as well. In addition to this, they are incredibly detailed, which greatly heightens the reality in the sex scenes.

The grunts and groans of pleasure are also highly enticing, and they unquestionably add to the enjoyment and realism of the entire encounter.

Final Thoughts

Gay Fuck Auto gives the game it was modeled after justice: the graphics are amazing, and the gameplay is thorough and enjoyable. I can assure you that playing this game won't make you bored. You won't need to waste any more time searching for an open world game that offers gay sex as well as other enjoyable gaming options like auto theft. So get to work creating your own group of hot gay men today and learn more about Gay Fuck Auto!


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