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Resident Gay Evil is a game for fans of both the survival game and the film franchise. Advanced technology, zombies, evil corporations, and supercomputers now include an additional spicy component: intense gay fucking. Fining can only be accomplished through ruthless fucking. Mutants are perpetually horny, and the only way to combat the virus is to fuck everyone who has contracted it. You are responsible for reclaiming the planet. Assemble your crew of horny gays and lead them into the ultimate battle! Evil lurks in every corner, and zombies attack you while you sleep. Be faster than them and fuck their arses to annihilate them. This survival horror game can only be won by fucking everyone you encounter. There are sex weapons that will assist you in eliminating a large number of enemies simultaneously. Your safe haven is the filthy dungeon brimming with sex toys. Utilize it to entice monsters and smack their asses hard. They will scream as you strike them, and their screams will attract additional ones. Therefore, brace yourself for the craziest orgies with these creatures. This first-person shooter game features firearms and enormous dicks. Only those are capable of assisting you in this conflict. The Umbrella Corporation has engineered a new breed of mutants that are perpetually horny and on a fucking spree. You must keep your cock active at all times. Take pleasure in the wet explosions of cum after a good nailing. While playing this gem, you will be cumming crazily. It is superior to the original video game in that it focuses exclusively on gay fucking at its finest. Certain monsters can be cured through fucking, at which point they will join your crew. However, some are incapable of surviving the hardcore banging and will therefore perish once you are finished with them. You can even fuck members of your team in order to provide them with the energy necessary to survive these wet battles. And once on the battlefield, there is no turning back. You must fuck all those horny creatures as hard as possible. The virus is spreading at a breakneck pace, and you must act quickly. The entire world is dependent on you and your fucking abilities. If you become infected, your body will have a limited amount of time to heal. The cure is a bizarre BDSM orgy involving members of your team. They will gladly assist you, but you must remain as wild as possible. Only this will keep you from becoming a mutant. Your sperm is the antidote, and you must collect as much of it as possible. Feed it to the monsters by cumming inside their arses or mouths. This insane game will immediately hook you, and you can expect a ton of wet fun like you've never seen before. Join the fight for survival and use your jizz to save the planet!


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