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Welcome to the most realistic gay simulator game available on the adult internet, which has already attracted millions of instantly satisfied players! Here, you'll discover that you're capable of creating the foolproof gay man of your ultimate dreams! This engrossing, simulated gay pornographic game features the most realistic sex available, which is guaranteed to blow your mind each and every time you play! Indeed, gay simulator sex is so pragmatic that it recreates the sensation of having sex with real, live human beings. Enter this fantastic gay sex game where your sexual desires have no limits, restrictions, or boundaries! Instantly discover how you can create your ideal gay sex partner and perform the most extreme, simulated sex acts ever imagined. And the best part about having simulate sex is that you will never hear the word NO from your brand new gay boyfriend, regardless of where your sexual imagination takes you two. While the site is titled X Gay Simulator, it features characters from every genre of popular culture. Initially, the site focused exclusively on cartoon characters becoming gay. They placed a heavy emphasis on Family Guy, The Simpsons, Rick and Morty, Dragon Ball, Naturo, and Avatar: The Last Air Bender characters. However, due to the lack of sites offering this type of kinky content at the time, X Gay Simulator quickly gained popularity. Indeed, it became so popular that fans began demanding characters from a variety of other cartoons, as well as video games, television series, and feature films. That is why you can now enjoy gay parody games featuring male characters from Batman and the rest of the DC Universe, as well as Marvel superheroes. Simultaneously, there are characters from television series such as Game Of Thrones who are not cartoons but have been rendered in the most sexiest ways in these games. This collection also parodies the videogame world, which means you can play gay adult games featuring characters from World of Warcraft, Overwatch XXX, and Borderlands.


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