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Have you ever longed to raise crops, sell veggies, live the simple life of a farmer... but also have a lot of homosexual sex? Because I know that's my dream, and it's one of the reasons I adore Cockville. In Cockville, you'll have to get to know all of the people who come to your market produce booth and seduce them one by one. Don't worry, even the most conservative of them will be unable to resist your charms!


  • Combines two styles of gaming
  • Sexy and varied styles of men
  • Beautiful hentai style graphics
  • Free to play
  • A full and fun gameplay


  • You must be over 18 to play

Presenting - CockVille

CockVille combines a farm simulator and a dating simulator. That may sound strange, but believe me, it works! The goal of the game is to effectively cultivate as many vegetables as possible, grow them to good sizes, and then sell them to all of the eligible and sexy guys who come to your vegetable stand - and then you'll have the opportunity to woo them. CockVille currently has 10 males you may get to know and seduce, but the devs are continually adding new and fascinating material!

How to Play CockVille

To begin, CockVille is completely free to play and can be accessed through your browser, which is great news. When you first start the game, you'll be confronted with the task of establishing your vegetable farm. This is the game's farming simulation mode. To attract more and more consumers with your spectacular merchandise, you must grow your farm from the bottom up and take careful care of all your crops. When the time comes to sell your wares, the real fun begins! As you interact with the many guys in the game, it becomes into a dating sim.

You are presented with multiple-choice questions, each with a different answer, in order to entice the many men, each with his unique wants and goals. If you respond appropriately, the person you're speaking with will award you... CockVille's sex section is quite well-designed. Every sex scenario is unique, and every guy wants to try something new with you, so there will be plenty of opportunities for experimenting!

Excity and Hentai Graphics - CockVille

As you may have noticed, this game is brilliantly created in a fantastic hentai style. I really enjoy CockVille's art style and can only advise people who are unsure to give it a shot before dismissing it. The males in this game are eager to do almost anything and are all extremely horny. Satisfying them all is a difficult effort, especially when you're also trying to seduce them! No two of the ten sexy guys you'll meet are alike: some are elderly, some are slim, others are big bears... but they all have a love of excellent gay sex.

Despite the fact that farming is a feature of the game, there is no time to waste in getting down to business: the first sex scene occurs within 15 minutes of starting to play, so don't be eager, it's coming!

CockVille - Final Thoughts

I anticipated to enjoy this game because it sounds fantastic on paper. But I was mistaken - I adore this game! It's a true masterpiece, fusing many gaming types into one great game full of mystery, eroticism, and stunning graphics. If you enjoy games like Farmville and Stardew Valley, you'll adore incorporating sex into the mix and having some naughty fun on the side. The gameplay is highly enjoyable and satisfying on all levels. Why not try it out for yourself? Play CockVille now to begin growing the greatest and biggest vegetables the community has ever seen!


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